NextMapping Vlog

The NextMapping VLOG hosted by Cheryl Cran features interviews with esteemed guests ranging from CEO’s, CIO’s, behavioural scientists, robotic experts, AI experts and more.

Find out the strategies, solutions and expansive mindsets from thought leaders around all things related to the future of work.

Featuring CEO of UpWork Stephane Kasriel

Cheryl Cran interviews Stephane about what he sees for the future of work and why companies need to be leveraging the disruption of the ‘entrepreneur economy’.

Featuring Sebastian Siseles Director of Freelancer

Cheryl Cran interviews Sebastian about the impact of freelancers on business. He shares how businesses today need to be able to leverage a workplace that includes full time, part time and freelance employees.

Featuring Shoshana Deutschkron, VP of Communications & Brand for UpWork

Cheryl Cran interviews Shoshana about remote teams – how to successfully engage and lead the future of work reality of increasing remote teams.

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Coming soon