The Future of Work Online Courses

The future of work is calling for leaders who are courageous, authentic, caring and who have the upgraded human interaction skills that true change in the workplace requires.

Upgraded human interaction skills include having multiple intelligences beyond IQ, intelligences such as creative intelligence, emotional intelligence, generational intelligence and more.

The future of work online courses combine the future of work research with practical and easy to implement strategies.

Options include self-paced study OR coach support for success and implementation accountability.

I found this to be a great program for individuals at any level of an organization, not limited to those in a traditional leadership position.”

B. Wilkins, OmniTel Communications

Each Future of Work Course includes:

  • Access to the program(s) and all exclusive sundry Content for 1 full year!
  • Asynchronous videos presented by Cheryl Cran broken into 5-6 minute segments to maintain the learner’s focus, understanding and attention
  • A downloadable ‘Journey Guide’ which hi-lights major points for each Unit, used for note taking and then becomes an on-going reference guide
  • A variety of powerful tools for download and immediate use on the job
  • Online Assessments and quizzes to ensure a participant’s understanding
  • Optional coach support

Course #1 – Everyone is a leader

In the future of work ‘Everyone is a Leader’. There will be less of a focus on ‘title’ and more of a focus on across the board accountability and fundamental leadership skills for all. Everyone will need to develop skills that include critical thinking, decision making, human interaction and more.

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Course #2 – Change Leadership

The biggest challenge in being ready for the future of work is getting people to change in the workplace. Whether you are implementing new technology in the workplace or other big project many leaders underestimate the challenge of getting people to change. This future of work program focuses on how to be a change leader and how to create a culture of change leaders.

Based on the book, “The Art of Change Leadership” this course provides data and strategies on how to be agile, innovative and future ready.

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Course #3 – Transformational Leadership

We are living in a time of transformation and YOU are the transformers! The future of work will be created by transformational leaders who can foresee and adapt to real change in the workplace.

Transformational leadership includes design thinking, a coach approach, and a authentic desire to help people excel way beyond you! Transformational leaders are inspirational role models. Research confirms that transformational leaders have increased ability to recruit and retain top talent.

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Course #4 – Shared Leadership

Shared leadership is a future of work strategy. Research confirms that Millenials and Gen Z thrive in a shared leadership culture.

Companies like Zappos, GE, and Amazon have been using versions of shared leadership models such as holacracy for over a decade. You will learn how to be a ‘shared leadership’ leader.

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Course #5 – Evolutionary Leadership

Founded on scientific research this program focuses on the resource of the future even more valuable than ‘time’ and that is ‘energy’. The future will be for he or she who can master ‘energy’ and change in the workplace.

Learn how to identify your energy state, how you use energy and how to include energy strategies in your NextMapping™ plan.

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Coming Soon

The next course that will be available as a future of work online course will be Leading & Collaborating With Generations Y and Z.

If you are afraid of the impact of Generation Y’s/Millenials on the future of work be very afraid of Gen Z’s!

This course will provide ideas and solutions on how to collaborate and succeed with Gen Y and Z. Learn how to best communicate, engage, inspire and leverage the skills of the largest demographic in the workplace.